Squish: Super Amoeba

Squish: Super Amoeba

Holm, J., Holm, M. (2011). Squish: Super Amoeba. New York, NK: Random House, Inc.

Category: Graphic Novel

Synopsis of Book: The main character of this book is Squish, an amoeba who loves to read comic books, especially The Adventures of Super Amoeba.  He goes through is daily life like a normal “kid” by attending school and hanging out with his best friends.  One day Squish and his friends get detention and one of Squish’s friends, Peggy, is getting bullied by another amoeba.  Squish feels a need to do something but doesn’t know what.

Use in Classroom: This book would be a wonderful addition to a classroom library.  It would allow students who struggle with reading to read a book that they can relate to and learn some science.  Because the book is a graphic novel and written similar to a comic book, perhaps some students are used to this type of format and will be able to read much easier than a “regular” book.  Also in the back of the book is a science experiment where you can grow your own mold.  If this was done in the classroom, students could observe what happens as well as make predictions about what will happen the next time they observe the mold.  Having the mold would also provide a way to transition a lesson into talking about organisms that we, humans, can not see without a microscope.  This concept is hard for children to grasp but with this book and activities, it will make that transition easier.


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