No Talking

No Talking

Clements, A. (2007). No Talking. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

Category: Realistic Fiction

Synopsis of Book: The fifth grade at Laketon Elementary school it’s always been boys verse girls and when Dave Packer gets the idea to have a competition between the boys and girls, it starts a school revolution.  The competition is which team, boys or girls, can say the fewest words during two whole days.  The teachers and principle notice something is different with the fifth grade students and immediately take action but nothing seems to alter the competition.  Dave might have taken the whole school into chaos by simple not saying a word.

Use in Classroom: The relationship and characteristic between the boys and girls in this book can easily relate to the boys and girls in most elementary schools.  Generally at recess the boys go play football or basketball while the girls go on the play ground, play tag, or just talk.  This book would be an awesome read aloud book because it would be a great book to talk about character development and how they change over the course of the book.  The girls and boys begin to work together and not back out of the competition when the principle demands it.  It shows how people who aren’t supposed to get along, are able to and become friends.


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